First International Caucausian Conference on PPT.
13-15 October 2023. Tbilisi, Georgia
"Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy as a Bridge between Cultures"


Dear Colleagues, Get ready for an invigorating journey of the mind and soul as we cordially invite you to the

First International Caucasian Conference on Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy:

“Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy as a Bridge between Cultures”.

This landmark event takes place from 13-15 October 2023, in the heart of the ancient country of Georgia, Tbilisi.

Today Positive Psychotherapists live in more than 40 countries, and the World Association has more than 2,000 members.

The founder of Positive Psychotherapy, Professor Nossrat Peseschkian, succeeded in combining the scientific and systematizaition of the West with the folk wisdom and spirituality of the East in his method. And transcultural sensitivity is one of the most important abilities of the specialists of our method.

Georgia is a country located at the crossroads of Western and Eastern civilizations. Here as nowhere else one can feel the unique experience of interaction and cooperation between representatives of different cultures and worldviews for many centuries. What a better place to gatherat the present challenging time of human history, to meet new and old colleagues from different cultures, to exchange views and perspectives, to build bridges between people – and to return home with professional insights, transcultural experiences and full of energy.

This conference is organized by the Tbilisi Center of Positive Psychotherapy, the Georgian Association for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy, and is supported by the World Association for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy (WAPP).

This conference is for psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, psychosomatic experts, teachers, and students.The language of the conference will be English with translations into Georgian and Russian.

We look forward to embracing you in the spirit of Georgian hospitality, as we all come together to bridge cultures and to contribute to the improving the mental health of our fellow citizens.

See you in Georgia!

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  • Lali Badridze
    Director of the Center for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy in Tbilisi, Georgia.
    On behalf of the director of the PPT Center, I warmly invite you to participate in the conference in our realy unique country - Georgia.
  • Hamid Peseschkian
    President of the World Association for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy.
    Today we see how important it is for all of us to meet again in -person, to spent time, to establish professional relaitionship, to experience and enjoy human warmth. I am looking forward to seeing you in Georgia in October.

Our conference program promises a rich tapestry of learning and exploration. Engage in enlightening lectures, collaborative workshops, transcultural self-expedience and supervisory groups and immerse yourself in the unparalleled culture of Georgia through our curated excursions.

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  • Hamid Peseschkian

    MD, DM, DMSc, WIAP Medical Director, WAPP President (Germany)

  • Gunter Huebner, "Transcultural therapy - what does it mean?

    PhD, Master Trainer of PPT (Germany)

  • Raluca Ursica, Secondary trauma - the impact trauma work has on therapist

    counselling psychologist, psychotherapist, clinical supervisor,

    Basic Trainer of PPT (UK-Romania)

  • Lela Tkeshelashvili

    psychologist, lector at UG University, Basic counsultant in PPT (Georgia)

  • Olga Lytvynenko,
    Professor at Odesa National I. I. Mechnikov University, psychotherapist, Master trainer of PPT (Ukraine)


  • Gabriela Hum, "Psychodynamic of Shame"
    psychotherapist, Master trainer of PPT (Romania)
  • Eka Ninoshvili,
    psychologist, lector UG University, Basic consultant in PPT (Georgia)
  • Andre R Marseille, “The Existential Model of Cross-Cultural Development:
    Implications for Positive Psychotherapy”
    PhD, Lecturer at Chicago State University (USA)
  • Natia Badridze
    clinical psychologist, MD (Georgia)
  • Ebru Sinici
    Psychologist, EMDR Therapist, Master Trainer of PPT (Türkiye)
  • Maksim Chekmarev,
    "From transculturality to compassion and unity"
    MD, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, Master Trainer of PPT, Lecturer of the Department of the Public Health in Amur State Medical Academy (Russia)
  • Tatiana Kantcheva
    psychotherapist, Basic trainer of PPT (Bulgaria)
  • Ivan Kirillov,
    "Positive Medical Psychotherapy"
    MD, PhD, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, Master Trainer and supervisor of PPT (Türkiye)
  • Milana Petrosova,
    "Study of proverbs, tales of peoples using the Balance model in the study of national identity"
    PhD in Psychology, President of the Armenian Academy of PPT, RAU Instructor, Master Trainer of PPT (Armenia)
  • Etion Parucca,
    Building psychological resilience in times of pandemics, war and earthquakes
    Positive Psychotherapist, Accredited Psychosocial/MGS Trainer, Coach and Supervisor (Albania)
  • Sheyda Rafat
    Dr., Master Trainer of PPT (Germany)
  • Nadezhda Mileva, "Transcultural approach in working with children and their families"
    psychologist, Master trainer PPT, WAPP (Bulgaria)
  • Valentina Khristova
    Jungian psychodramatist, clinical psychologist, Master trainer PPT (Bulgaria)
  • Galina Skryabina
    psychotherapist, Master trainer PPT, WAPP (Russia)
  • Maxim Goncharov
    psychotherapist, psychiatrist, Master trainer PPT, WAPP (Russia)
  • Ekin Ozbey Duygu, "Investigation of the Effectiveness of Positive Group Psychotherapy."
    psychologist, professor at Istanbul Medipol University, Basic consultant PPT (Turkiye)
  • Marika Khaliani
    Basic Consultant in PPT, business trainer and coach (Georgia)
  • Ludmila Koroleva
    psychotherapist, Basic trainer of PPT (Ukraine)
  • Liudmyla Serdiuk
    Dr. of Science (Psychology), Professor, Head of the Laboratory of Psychology of Personality, Kostiuk Institute of Psychology NAES of Ukraine, Basic trainer of PPT (Ukraine)
  • Tsisia Cholokashvili
    psychologist, Positive Psychotherapist (Georgia)
  • Zhanna Lukyanova
    psychotherapist, PPT Master Course participants (Belarus - Poland)
  • Tatia Gogishvili,
    "Vulnerability of the psychotherapist, or what worries them When Alone"
    Positive Psychotherapist, expert in the field of Youth Work, soft skills trainer (Georgia)
  • Sarkis Qochinyan

    Certified positive psychotherapist, ( Armenia)
  • Nino Nibladze,
    "Positive psychotherapy and Gestalt therapy. Points of Intersection"
    MD, Gestalt therapist, Basic consultant in PPT (Georgia)
  • Oksana Nikonova
    Basic trainer of PPT (Russia)
  • Leyla Maharramova,
    "Positive psychotherapy and family values ​​from the point of view of cultural characteristics of Azerbaijan"
    Psychologist, (Azerbaijan)
  • Ana Mazanishvili,
    "Using Positive Psychotherapy in oncopsychology"
    Consulting psychologist, President of Europa Donna, Basic Consultant in PPT (Georgia)
  • Anna Jazwinska-Chren, Positive Pedagogy in educational work with adolescents on the autism spectrum – training of social and communication skills based on PPT

    Psychologist, Basic consultant on PPT (Poland)
  • Khatuna Chintcharashvili
    Consulting psychologist, vice-president of Caucasus Cancer Society HOPE, Basic Consultant in PPT (Georgia)
  • Arpine Hakobyan Minassian

    Psychologist consultant, Parenting specialist
    Founder of kids corner center (Armenia)
  • Praskoviya Budurova
    Psychotherapist, (Ukraine)
  • Gvantsa Barabadze

    Coach, (Georgia)
  • Olena Kuzmenko
    Psychotherapist, (Ukraine)
  • Mako Jaoshvili
    Mentor, Positive Psychology Consultant, Lecturer of Negotiations, Public Speech, Business